Panelist at the WiNLP workshop at ACL, Florence, 2019

Panelist on battling bias in AI at C2 as part of the RBC disruptors series, Montréal, 2019, link to video

Invited speaker at the Visual question answering and dialog workshop at CVPR, Long Beach, 2019

Women in AI panel, McGill University, Montréal, 2019

Panelist for the series Les Porte-Voix, BAnQ, Montreal, 2019

Panelist at the Internet Governance Forum on Accountability for Human Rights: Mitigate Unfair Bias in AI, Paris, 2018

Invited speaker at The Fifth IEEE Research Boost, Montreal, 2018

Invited speaker at the Artificial Intelligence and the Next Generation User Experience Workshop, ICACHI, Montreal, 2018. I talked about designing dialogue systems with user satisfaction in mind.

Invited speaker at TechAide, Montreal, 2018. I talked about machine learning for dialogue systems.

Panelist at RightsCon on bias in machine learning, Toronto, 2018

Invited speaker at I chose STEM, Montreal, 2018

AI for social good, Montreal. I led a session on machine learning for dialogue systems in 2017 and 2018.

Women in Intelligence dinner, Montreal, 2018

Panel on machine learning at scale, Montreal, 2018

Panelist at YLIT Montréal - Breakfast with Female Role Models In Tech for Young Ladies in Tech, Montreal, 2018

WiDL panel/lunch during the deep learning summer school, Montreal, 2017

Teaching AI to make decisions and communicate at MLConf, NYC, 2017

Invited speaker at the RL Barbados workshop, Barbados, 2016. I talked about machine learning for dialogue systems.

Media Articles and Blog Posts

A conversation with John Stackhouse on AI for good as part of the RBC disruptors series

Urbania Sans Filtre about privacy on the internet (in French), link to video

30 Influential Women Advancing AI in Canada, RE•WORK

Celle qui murmurait à l’oreille des robots, in URBANIA Spécial Extraordinaire 2018

How to build smarter chatbots, co-authored with Kaheer Suleman for VentureBeat

Canada’s AI explosion: Visit three labs where machines are being taught to think like people, in the Globe and Mail

How women in STEM fields are hacking into the boys' club, on CTV News

Memory & machines: A study in goal-oriented dialogue systems, Microsoft Research Montréal blog


20% podcast (in French)

Microsoft Research Podcast

Women in AI Podcast, RE•WORK